Studied photojournalism at Danish media and Journalism school, Photo I and Photo II
First place of College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) in domestic category 2020. (The university of Missouri)
First place of CPOY 75 in Covid - single photo category 2020
Selected student at CANON STUDENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (Europe) 2021
Recipient of The Alexandra Boulat scholarship from VII Academy to study photojournalism at DMJX 2020
Joopswart master class nominee, 2020 (Netherland)
Winner of burn magazine Fund (emerging Photographer Fund) , 2019 ( U.S.A)
Finalist of PHmusem mobile photo prize (Featured on TSV_ZINE /), 2019
Finalist in NVP ( independent photo agency based in Canada) grant, 2019
Joop swart master class nominee, world press photo, (Netherlands)2019
Finalist Sheed Award, 2016, 2018 (an independent Iranian award)
Shortlisted for Sheed Grant, Independent Award for Documentary Photography, 2017
Winner of NoorNegar PhotoFestival, Iran, 2016
Participation in the Proxy group photography exhibition, Germany, 2018
Published two poetry books (2008, 2011)